We now manufacture our products in Europe and the UK.  ⁣All Mint Tint gels are now made in the EU to exceptional manufacturing standards, in trusted, well-established, high-tech facilities. All raw materials are of the highest quality and chemists and lab technicians adhere to strict quality control with testing processes in place to ensure our gels remain consistent, stable and most importantly, SAFE.⁣

Our new gel system has been thoroughly tested with the Mint Tint UV/LED Nail Lamp.   We can only guarantee that our gels will cure with our lamp.  If a nail technician chooses not to invest in our lamp, they should carry out their own tests to ensure the product has completely cured all the way through.  It is absolutely imperative that every layer of gel has cured.  It is important to note that gel may appear cured ‘on top’ but may not be cured underneath.  Uncured/wet gel can lead to overexposure and the development of allergies to nail gel.  Curing times may need to be adjusted to ensure each layer is cured properly. 

Mint Tint colours should be applied in VERY thin layers and cured for a MINIMUM of 60 seconds in the Mint Tint UV/LED Nail Lamp.  Apply Mint Tint Gel Polish Colours evenly,  without any completely solid areas on the first coat, as these areas may not be completely cured through if too thick.  If applied over Base Coat Plus, you should feel the colour really sticking to the base.  The second coat will stick to the first and provide full coverage. Applying in thin layers will provide the best results.

Mint Tint Gel is strictly for professional application only.  Our gel products are to be used only by those who have had training and we require proof of your training.  If you have created a Pro Account and purchased gels as a new customer, we will confirm your professional status before dispatching your order.  If you haven’t provided documents, we will refund your order.  No gels will be dispatched without proof of qualification.

Only professionals will be able to view pro pricing.  Pros should create a new account by registering and sending your nail qualification certificates to or uploading them during the sign up process.  We will then update your account and you will have access to pro pricing on Nourish Nail and Cuticle Oil 30ml bottles and bundles.  If you already have a pro account, log in and the lower price will be revealed.  Non pros may purchase oils at RRP.  Pros can purchase Nourish Bundles to retail to their clients for a generous profit and these are only revealed once signed in to Pro Accounts.

There is a link to all product SDS on the footer of every website page.

Mint Tint gel is developed to be used as a complete system and we cannot guarantee an effective application, or longevity, if other products are used.  Your insurance may also be void if you choose to mix brands.

Yes, they are.  Mint Tint Gel does not contain any animal derivatives or by-products and is suitable for Vegans.  Our gel brushes are all synthetic too.

Absolutely not!  We are animal lovers.   All of our products are Vegan and Cruelty-free and they do not contain any animal bi-products.  No product is ever tested on animals.

Yes, absolutely!  Please contact us on and we’d be delighted to discuss a discount scheme for your academy.

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